Gwen Conley sang professionally for 28+ years. Achieved an "Emmy Award" and is a SAG/AFTRA member.

1979 Performance

Ray Charles & Gwen in his jingle recording session.

Workshop for Singing Lessons, Riffing, and Voice-Strengthening.

Online Lessons for Voice-Strengthening, RIFFING and Learning to love the dedication and hard practice required for becoming a "stunning singer and great Riffing artist!"


If you need singing lessons and want
to Riff and sing
with confidence,
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Private Singing Lessons & Singing Workshops 
Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 Eighth Avenue
New York City, NY 
near Madison Square Garden. 

Online Singing Lessons & Riffing Lessons include:
1. Diaphragmatic Breathing 
2. Vocal Evaluation 
3. Voice-Strengthening 
4. Riffing Training
5. Expressing & Projecting Your Feeling
6. Ear-Training
7. Developing your own Style
8. Learning your Favorite Songs

Online Singing Lessons 
available on the following days -
Tuesdays, Thursdays, 
& Fridays -
12:00 noon - 5:00 pm
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BASIC Piano Lessons come with your singing lessons!

In-person singing lessons might resume after Covid 19 is under control.
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A creative and supportive singing workshop.  
Make progress with other "inspired singers" 
and love your progress.  
You'll work hard to earn it!



 Mrs. G has "impressive" credentials and is a
very genuine singing-riffing coach!

I've been to other voice teachers
and each had different styles of teaching,
I was never sure who to trust
with my vocal health.
When I heard about
Mrs. Conley, I knew she was special
the looks of her impressive credentials.  
After I took 
her workshop I immediately realized
a difference and I felt
confident with my voice. 
Thank you, Mrs. G!

Fez Kangis


Dear Gwen, thank you so much for
your time and attention with my voice and
speech coaching.  I did my speech t
o the
Army Science Board and, unsolicited,
my boss 
said my voice was free of stress,
brighter, controlled, and
rhythmic, and 
that my mannerisms and facial expressions

were controlled.  I have been doing my vocal
exercises to
further improve over time. 
Thank you again for this “secret”
I so enjoyed working with you.  
You were 
Kelly Schlegel, 
Boeing Aircraft Manufacturing 

Deputy Program Manager and Chief Engineer


“Gwen Conley is exactly what you need
to take your child’s
vocal skills to the next level.
She puts an amazing
lifetime of professionalism
and vocal training experience at your
with every lesson, and you could not ask
for a
more positive role model.  We could not believe
much better my daughter got after only a few voice
and she never complains of vocal strain
My daughter still comes home from
lessons and sings for the pure joy of singing.
 Gwen Conley is a blessing!”  

Ruth Steenwyk


One thing is for certain with Mrs. Conley's

singing lessons, you will learn how to sing professionally!  

After only a few vocal singing sessions I began to see

what separates Mrs. Conley from other teachers.  

Mrs. Conley brings her experience as a professional 
singer who has a passion for teaching, an ear

for her student's progress, and is very accommodating,

but no-nonsense!  I can tell from my singing lessons, they're 

focused to strengthen my voice in a healthy way to

a point where I feel like I can sing with control and

longer in duration than I ever have. I'm learning to

Riff which is great.  If you want to learn to sing

professionally, this is the right place!
Matthew Mareiniss


“We took our daughter, Hadassah, 7 yrs. old for her
first private voice lesson with Mrs. G who built an
excellent rapport with her.  She taught her about
her vocal range and gave her voice exercises to
strengthen it.  She also taught her to play a
portion of a
classical song by Beethoven
on the piano which Hadassah
was able to
pick up very quickly.  She’s also very
about what young children get exposed to when
choosing songs to sing.  I highly recommend her

for your child's private vocal training.
Karl & Lanise Thompson