Voice-Strengthening Workshops.

Online Sessions


New York City, NY (near Madison Square Garden). 

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You will be contacted for a consultation to discuss your vocal interests.

Online lessons are available from 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm.



 Mrs. G has "impressive" credentials... 
Fez Kangis

“Gwen Conley is exactly what you need
to take your child’s
vocal skills to the
next level.  

Ruth Steenwyk

 One thing is for certain with
Mrs. Conley's singing lessons
you will
learn how to sing professionally!  

Matthew Mareiniss

“We took our daughter, Hadassah,
7 yrs. old for her
first private voice lesson
with Mrs. G.
  I highly recommend her

for your child's private vocal training.
Karl & Lanise Thompson