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Voice Strengthening & Riffing

Virtual Sessions for Strengthening, Riffing, Expressing Songs, & Playing Piano

Private Virtual Sessions for every genre of music. Learn how to Build your Practice Routines, Structure, & stay Motivated!!





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Virtual lessons are available Tuesday thru Saturday
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm.


Mrs. G's vocal-strengthening exercises are amazing!  They
strengthened my voice in the workshop, and I'm keeping it strong 
by doing them at home like she taught us in the workshop.  
Man, I'm loving the "feeling" of singing from my soul with confidence,
and enjoying every minute of engaging my audience!  
Mrs. G's workshop and exercises are the best!!!

There are countless vocal exercise programs around, but Mrs. G's
are the very best!

 I started Gwen Conley's vocal-strengthening exercises and began to see immediate results!!  She compared doing vocal warm-ups to going to the gym.  "The longer you work muscles - the stronger they become!"
I didn't know that vocal cords were tiny little muscles!  
Boy... was she right, my voice sounds & feels awesome!!

My sister and I are a duo.  These vocal exercises forced us to get the discipline for something that we actually love doing - intensive riffs and harmonies.  Mrs. G's vocal exercises helped us to get
our voices “performance ready” - high to low!  
Melody & Harmony     

"I love Mrs. Gwen!"  I came last year from Seoul, Korea to learn
to sing R&B and found her in Backstage Magazine and saw
her website.  Her professional expertise gave me the voice training
I needed, and the confidence and courage to win my auditions.
Mrs. Gwen is awesome and she pushes you very hard to
be your best!  I love performing now! 
Kelly M. Ryu