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"I'll teach you to Sing from your Heart ... if that's

what you really want... That's a promise... ! (Of course, you'll work much harder than ever before!!)



Gwen Conley


Professional Singing Coach & Trianer


Private Singing Lessons


Professional Singing Workshops

R&B - Pop - Jazz - Praise - Hip Hop - Gospel - B'way


7-Hr. Vocal-Strengthening & Riffing Workshop

Coming in August



Gwen Conley  working with singers in the 7-Hr. Vocal-Strengthening Workshop.



Bringing out the best singing takes work!!

Learn to RIFF great, and sing w/feeling, and get over your
performance jitters.


R&B singing lessons, Pop-Alternative singing lessons
Praise & Gospel singing lessons
Hip Hop, Jazz, & B'way singing lessons.

In person Private Lessons or online with FaceTime

You'll gain the courage to walk out on stage and
"thrill" audiences with your powerful "expression" and
You'll also become addicted to WORKING HARD because you'll see how it
builds your singing career... and that's a promise! Because you WILL work hard!

She's already had a thrilling professional singing career herself, and will now teach
you how to sing great, only if you want to work hard enough to achieve it. 

You'll love having a strong voice, Riffing, & singing putting total emotion
in the songs you love; and play basic scales and chords on the piano so you can
find your own key sigs, and create and sing your own original songs.

Gwen Conley shares her vast 30+ years of experience as a professional singer,
pianist, recording artist, TV talk/variety show host, successful on-camera 
commercial actor, and jingle singer with her voice students.  Along with her
formal training, she brings many years of successful performance
and studio experience to her voice students, having done
studio session with Ray Charles, Grover Washington, Jr., et al.
 She also teaches singing skills in a way that makes her one of the most

sought after singing coaches, "Riffing" specialists, R&B, Pop, Jazz,  
 Gospel and Praise trainers 
in New York City and Raleigh-Durham.  


Student Testimonials


Mrs. Conley is a "passionate" professional!
Mrs. Conley's Seven Hour Vocal-Strengthening Workshop is an experience like no other we've ever had. Imagine training for a marathon or studying for a state exam... The workshop forces us to have that same discipline for something that we actually LOVE doing - singing. There are six hours of intense riffs, runs, and harmonies. At the beginning of your first session you may wonder if your voice could handle working for another six hours, but at the end of the session you feel like you can go on a successful tour.  At the workshop camaraderie is built, and we learn from others' experiences. Our voices feel completely warmed up and we are energized to share our gift with the world. Mrs. Conley is passionate about her work and leaves us feeling enlivened at the end of each workshop. We would love to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world and Mrs. Conley's workshops help us to be performance ready. No matter your genre of music we know that everyone feels the experience was well worth it.
Thank you, Mrs. Conley

Melody & Harmony


Gwen Conley is a rare find!
Gwen Conley is exactly what you need to take your vocal skills, or your child’s, to the next level no matter where you are now. She puts an amazing lifetime of professional experience at your disposal with every lesson and you could not ask for a more positive role model. Gwen is more than a voice coach, she’s a mentor who will inspire and motivate you to set goals and reach your potential. We are so thankful to have found such an incredible resource for our 14 yr. old daughter. We could not believe how much better she got after only a few lessons and she never complains of vocal strain since she's been with Gwen.  We’ve been with Gwen for 6 months now and my daughter still comes home from lessons and sings for the pure joy of singing. She is a rare find!

Ruth Steenwyk
Chapel Hill, NC 


She has "impressive" credentials - and is a very genuine voice coach-trainer!
I've been to a few other voice teachers in my life. Each had different styles of teaching. Some said one thing while others said another, so I was never really sure who to trust as far as my vocal health. When I heard about Mrs. Conley's class I knew that she was different than other teachers. Especially from the looks of her impressive credentials, I knew I would be getting professional training. After I took the class, I immediately realized a difference in the way I sang and I felt confident with my voice. Thank you Mrs. Conley!

Will Kangis

Mrs. Conley is the "real" deal!
There are countless vocal coaches in NYC but Gwen Conley is the real deal.   Gwen Conley has great ears and upon hearing me sing only a few notes she was able to give me helpful corrections that no other teacher had ever given me. She taught me how to properly exersize my voice and to use all of my resonators so that I have a more beautiful tone. Gwen is a great musician and has really good taste in phrasing. She was able to offer ideas for runs and improvisations that fit with my natural style.  If you want to sing with great phrasing and style, you need to study with Gwen Conley. 

Matthew Peteroy

She's was "great" with my 7 yr. old daughter!
I took my 7 year old daughter, Hadassah, to her first private singing lesson with Mrs. G, and it was a very positive experience.  First of all, I must say that Mrs. G works great with children and did an excellent job of building positive rapport with Hadassah.  Hadassah worked on her vocal range for the first time and Mrs. G taught her about her vocal range and gave her some exercises that she could used to strengthen her voice. Mrs. G also taught her the beginning of a classical music song on piano and Hadassah was able to pick it up very quickly.  Mrs. G very much understands the character dynamics of artists and in particular aspiring singers even as young as my daughter.  Mrs. G is also considerate and thoughtful about what her young students are exposed to when they choose the songs they want to perform.  I highly recommend Mrs. G for private vocal training.  She is interested in training children to be well-rounded artists with an understanding of music theory as well so that they can choose their own key signatures and gain the respect and longevity in the music industry that they deserve, should they choose that path." 

Karl Thompson

Fill out the Contact Form above left and email it in.

Private singing lessons and workshops are held in



   RDU - Chapel Hill, NC areas.

Singing lessons to teach you Diaphragmatic Breathing; singing lessons to teach you
great Riffing skills
; singing lessons to build a strong, beautiful voice;
Singing lessons which include teaching music theory and excellent piano skills
for all who want to become professional singers as well as those
who want to become future song-writers.

 Singing lessons are also offered on "FaceTime"


7-Hr. Vocal Workshop - building strong singing voices. 

Gwen with Private Voice Student

                RDU                                                       Barcelona Gospel Choir
Vocal Workshop                                                 Barcelona, Spain

 "We learned how to do fabulous 'riffs' with more feeling and vocal expression, had a great time 
 with Ms. G, and very happy to return home to share our new skills and repertoire with our
church congregation!"

7-Hr. Vocal-Strengtening,
Riffing & Performing Workshop
Coming in August!

Ripley-Grier Studios
520 8th Avenue, 17th fl.
Studio TBD
(3 blocks up from Madison Square Garden)

 Price: $275.00
To join the "Vocal-Strengthening" workshop - 
1.  Fill out the "CONTACT  FORM- above 
left - and email it in.
2.  Call (212) 321-0278 to speak with Mrs. Conley
after sending in your "CONTACT FORM".

The 7-Hr. Vocal-Strengthening & Riffing Workshop includes -
* Private Vocal Assessment - an evaluation of
vocal strengths and weaknesses.
* Diaphragmatic breathing
* Range determination
* Vocal-warmups to prepare you for your Riffing training
* Extensive Riffing Drills and exercises
* Harmony exercises & drills.
*  Q&A period - you ask questions and get answers from a 
30+ year professional singer - SAG/AFTRA member. 
           The last hour of the workshop you'll get to enjoy singing your
very own "favorite"song (if you want to), with a beautiful voice!
Let your confidence & courage rise to the higher levels finally by
getting your vocal strength, riffing, and harmonizing skills
up to the level you've always wanted!
With the guidance of a seasoned pro, you'll enjoy sharing a
fun, supportive, workshop environment with other passionate participants,
Join us!

 FILL OUT the "CONTACT  FORM(above left corner) and email it in to
Gwen Conley with the information needed when she calls to give you a
Free phone consultation!


Schedule your private session now for -
Ripley-Grier Studios, Studio 17K
To book a private session -
1.  FILL OUT the "CONTACT  FORM(above 
left with your info) and email it in to Gwen Conley first.
2.  Then, call (212) 321-0278 or (919) 282-8165 
to speak with Mrs. Conley