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(Mrs. G)






"Emmy Award Winner"






New York City


Raleigh-Durham, NC


R&B - Pop - B'way - Jazz - Praise - Gospel - Hip Hop



First, we'll get your voice STRONG so you

can have full control of it when you sing! 

Then, I will teach you how to "Riff" - with ease,

and sing from your heart with confidence! 

  You'll develop the necessary skills to express your 

emotions freely when you sing.  You'll love 

hearing the progress as you work very hard!

 And finally... after all the work, you will then see  

the fulfillment of your dreams... the beginning

of your successful singing career!


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Private Singing Lessons In-person


Online Singing Lessons




Riffing Training


Emotional Expression training

Stage Confidence Training


Sight-Reading for Auditions



520 Eighth Avenue
New York City, NY 10018
(3 blocks up from Penn Station-Madison Square Garden)


Private Singing Lessons 
Private singing lessons include -

* Diaphragmatic Breathing; 
 Vocal Evaluation; Range determination
* Extensive Voice-Strengthening - low & high registers.
* Mastery of  "RIFFING" 
* Mastery of your emotions freely
*Ear-training - eliminate "pitch" problems
* Develop your unique singing "style"
* Learn to sing all the songs you love
Build the CONFIDENCE and courage to perform beautifully!

Please fill out the "Contact Form" and email it in first (above left).
Then, call (212) 321--0278 for a phone consultation with Gwen Conley
after you email the Contact Form in



Online voice lessons offer -

* Diaphragmatic Breathing; Vocal assessment; Range determination
* Extensive Vocal-Strengthening - low & high registers.
* Learn to express your emotions when you sing
*Ear-training - eliminate "pitch" problems
* Develop your unique singing "style"
* Learn how to sing the songs you love
Build the CONFIDENCE and courage to perform beautifully!

Please fill out the "Contact Form" and email it in "first" (above left).
Then, call (212) 321--0278 for a phone consultation with Gwen Conley
after you email the Contact Form in

Six-Hour Voice-Strengthening
"Singing" Workshop
coming up!

GwenConleyWorkshop_resized.jpeg         Gwen_Conley_4_11_15_Workshop__1__resized.jpg

The Workshop includes -
*Diaphragmatic Breathing... so essential!!
*Vocal Evaluation 
*Range determination

* Voice-Strengthening singing exercises
* Extensive Complex & Simple Riffing Training
You'll experience a "peak" of vocal beauty never reached before.
And that's because your voice will finally get the attention it's
always so desperately needed - a total voice-strengthening workout!
Vocal cords are muscles and they have to be strengthened
for you to sing at your greatest level.

You'll also be in a "very supportive", friendly environment where
you'll totally enjoy seeing your progress manifest as you
work so hard to achieve it!


Happy students after a workshop





‘Mrs. G’ has an amazing spirit and is a gifted musician.  She pushes you in the right direction and gets your voice to do what you want it to do!  She’s the perfect ‘Riffing’ coach!  My voice and my confidence are awesome!”
Vidal Loew

Mrs. G has “impressive” credentials and is a very genuine voice/piano coach-trainer!  I’ve been to other voice teachers and each had different styles of teaching, consequently, I was never sure who to trust with my vocal health. When I heard about Mrs. Conley I knew she was special from the looks of her impressive credentials.  After I took her class I immediately realized a difference and I felt confident with my voice.  Thank you, Mrs. G! 
Fez Kangis

“Dear Gwen, thank you so much for your time and attention with my voice and speech coaching.  I did my speech to the Army Science Board and, unsolicited, my boss said my voice was free of stress, brighter, controlled, and rhythmic, and that my mannerisms and facial expressions were controlled.  I have been doing my vocal exercises to further improve over time.  Thank you again for this “secret” information!  I so enjoyed working with you. You were inspirational!”  Kelly Schlegel – Boeing, Aircraft manufacturing company  Deputy Program Manager and Chief Engineer

“Gwen Conley is exactly what you need to take your child’s vocal skills to the next level. She puts an amazing lifetime of professional vocal training experience at your disposal with every lesson and you could not ask for a more positive role model.  We could not believe how much better she got after only a few voice lessons, and she never complains of vocal strain anymore.  My daughter still comes home from lessons and sings for the pure joy of singing. Gwen Conley is a blessing!”   Ruth Steenwyk


One thing is for certain with Mrs. Conley's voice training, you will learn how to sing professionally!  After only a few vocal training sessions I began to see what separates Mrs. Conley from other teachers.  Mrs. Conley has a passion for teaching, an ear for her students progress, and is very accommodating, but no nonsense!  I can tell from my lessons that they are focused to strengthen my voice in a healthy way to a point where I feel like I can sing with control and longer in duration than I ever have. I'm learning to Riff which is great.  If you want to learn to sing professionally, this is the right place!
Matthew Mareiniss


“We took our daughter, Hadassah, 7 yrs. old for her first private voice lesson with Mrs. G who built an excellent rapport with her.  She taught her about her vocal range and gave her voice exercises to strengthen it.   She also taught her to play a portion of a classical song by Beethoven on the piano which Hadassah was able to pick up very quickly.  She’s also very cautious about what young children get exposed to when choosing songs to sing.  I highly recommend her for your child's private vocal training.
Karl & Lanise Thompson