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Voice Coach & Trainer

"Learn to Sing from your Heart with Love"

        "Emmy Award Winner"       




 New York City, NY



including Chapel Hill, NC



Try something NEW that works...

STRENGTHEN your voice, build your confidence

and re-discover your LOVE of singing!

Find out what your range is... and how to work it!

Working & building vocal strength & riffing skills*

Gwen & Students in a 6-Hr. Vocal- Strengthening & Riffing Workshop


Several members of the Barcelona Gospel Choir from Barcelona, Spain

The Barcelona Gospel Choir made the trip from Spain to set up their own private 

 gospel "riffing" workshops with Gwen to learn "contemporary gospel and praise music.  

 "We learned to do fabulous 'riffs' with more feeling and vocal expression, had a great time 

 with Ms. G, and very happy to return home to share our new skills and repertoire with the 



Now's the time to
"STRENGTHEN" your entire voice and get confidence to AUDITION for
America's Got Talent!!
American Idol!!
Showtime at the Apollo!!  

Saturday, Nov. 22 - 2014 
                                                           12:00 am - 7:00 pm 
                                                 (1-hr. lunch break 3-4:00 pm)

                                                               Price: $225.00
                                       End of Summer Special: "Buy 1 workshop get 1 FREE"

                                                     6-Hr. Workshop includes -
  • 2 hrs. of Voice-Strengthening Workouts for your entire range, chest & head registers, and tips on how to keep your voice strong!
  • Flexibility workouts for Riffing - 1 hr.
  • LUNCH BREAK - 1 hr.
  • Help with a specific Riff that you find very difficult - (you will bring it to the workshop with you). - 1 hr. 
  • Q & A - how to re-discover the love of singing that you had as a child.
  • "You sing a song of choice" at the end of the workshop in a very "supportive" environment! 
 Let Your Confidence & Courage rise to higher levels.
 Finally, get your voice STRONG to PERFORM with CONFIDENCE in a supportive workshop.
                                                    And have fun... doing it!

                                       (Book 1 workshop and the next you book is "FREE")          

For scheduling, please fill out and email in the


(above left)






Work on your singing career goals!


Start getting prepared now to AUDITION for
America's Got Talent!!
American Idol!!
Showtime at the Apollo!!  



                                                 SUNDAY, Nov. 23rd, 2014
                                                       11:00 am - 6:00 pm
                                            1 hr. Private Vocal Lesson $175.00
                                                   Private Lesson includes:

• Vocal Evaluation 
• Diaphragmatic Breathing and Posture
• Ear Training & Full-Range Vocal Strengthening 
• Extensive ‘Riffing’ Training 
• Harmony and Pitch Precision Exercises
• Vocal Expression and Personal Style Development
 Performing with Confidence
 •  Repertoire Development (Originals & Covers) 
 Piano & Theory Lessons covered for all 

For rates and scheduling fill out and email the




Student testimonials and new releases -



President Barak Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama

Alison Foster performing at one of President Obama's inaugural balls


—Alison Foster, Professional Cabaret and Background Singer, NJ, USA

"There're so many things I've learned from Gwen which are "priceless, and had a glorious time growing in areas where I needed a lot of development.  I've developed confidence and courage to perform anywhere!  She elevated my technical skills and helped me to build the guts, and passion to re-dedicate myself to my life-long dream of becoming a lead singer and not just a back-up singer. A major step for me."  

"Shonta Renée"


Mrs. Conley, Shonta and I miss you and hope to see you soon.
The few vocal sessions she had with you took her to new levels! 
We've been  working very hard and have been truly blessed with
a group of guys walking us in the right direction and I've included
a taste of what we have been working on.  Please feel free to pass
this along to some of your contacts and friends.  Thanks for everything!
   "Mocha Man"




Stephanie Habib 


  Stefanie H.- Professional R&B singer & pianist, Paris, France     

I made my way from Paris to see Mrs. Conley because I felt she could put the

finishing touches on my riffing skills.  She 

 complimented me on being a tremendous talent and that after a little

"tweaking" I could be on my way.  That little "tweaking"turned out to be the

hardest drills I'd ever done in my life (!!!) but it did the job for me!  

Before I went back home to Paris I performed at the Village Underground, 

one of NYC's premier open-mic clubs, and got the surprise of my life -

I received an encore - I was exhilarated!!  It was absolutely awesome!!  

I love how Mrs. Conley helped me and I will come back again the moment

I need her only this time I'll be ready for the hard work.  

Thanks so much, Mrs. Conley. 




Hiba Tiwaji


Hiba Tawaji - Professional singer/actress/dancer
Lebanon, Beirut

Hi Ms. G, hope you're doing good, miss u so much! 

I am sending you my 2 albums, I am so excited to hear your comments.

    I would love to hear from you soon!  The albums are coming next week! Please enjoy them!


Hiba Tiwaji's album 

Hiba Tiwaji's You Tube performance with live orchestra:


James Anthony


Super "cool" James Anthony of Brooklyn, NY,  finally releases the love of his life

after working so hard and long on it

"Battery Life"

Kelly Ryu


Kelly Ryu, R&B-Hip Hop Performer & Voice Coach in Seoul, Korea

Kelly Ryu & her student from Seoul, Korea
visiting Gwen Conley in NYC, 2013


 I believed in myself, that I could learn to sing R&B.  I came from Seoul, Korea

to study with Ms. G for a year to learn how to "riff" like famous

singers.  Teaching R&B back in Korea was my goal, and I was determined to

learn it in the year's time that I had. I worked really hard with Ms. G, and

sometimes I wondered if I was going to achieve my goal but Ms. G never

doubted that I could.  She always told me that I was a hard worker and very

talented and that those 2 traits would get me there.  She supported me while

I pushed myself, eventually convincing me that those 2 skills could always bring

success!  I'm glad I kept going because I'm very fulfilled today.  I'm back in Korea

now and teaching R&B to my students in Seoul and also singing and performing

on a regular basis.  This to me is awesome!  


Ronnie Lewis


"Common" joins Gwen's student, Ronnie Lewis, on a movie shoot (2014)… coming soon! 


Ronnie Lewis on vocals and piano performing with excellence as only he can.  

"Mrs. G has helped me to grow tremendously, vocally and professionally.

  I had a lot of basic training, but in a short amount of time

Mrs. G helped me go to another level professionally and to get ahead in my music

faster than I could have without her.  Ronnie Lewis


   Ricardo Abercrombe


Ricardo Abercrombie - R&B Student, NYC 

As a singer I already had pretty decent singing skills when I came to Mrs. G,

 but I lacked stage confidence when I developed my unique singing style.  

I had to work incredibly hard to develop it.  Mrs. G worked with me for about 3 1/2