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R&B * Pop * B'way * Jazz * Praise * Gospel * Hip Hop

Learn to sing great! 





(Mrs. G)



Vocal Coach & Trainer, NYC & RDU





First, let's get your voice strong..., then you'll be able to

sing your favorite songs with more confidence and

learn how to "Riff" with "ease" - from your heart.

That's a promise! 

Just remember this...

you'll work HARDER than ever before

but you will get the results you've always wanted!

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Private Singing Lessons


Piano Lessons

Fill out the "Contact Form" above, send it in to get

a "free consultation" by phone with Gwen Conley.

520 Eighth Avenue
New York City, NY 10018
(3 blocks up from Penn Station-Madison Square Garden)



Online Facetime or Messenger lessons

Voice & Piano lessons


Skills you learn in both
private in-person sessions, and online sessions:

* Diaphragmatic Breathing; Vocal Evaluation; Range determination
* Extensive Vocal-Strengthening - low & high registers.
* Mastery of  "Riffing" -
* Learn to sing with "feeling" - express your emotions 
*Ear-training - eliminate "pitch" problems
* Develop your unique singing "style"
*Move smoothly from vibrato to straight tone
* Learn how to sing the great songs you love
* Learning scales and chords and key signatures for songs you perform.
* Building the CONFIDENCE and courage to perform beautifully before an audience!

1.  Fill out the "Contact Form" to get a free consultation.
2.  Call (212) 321-0278 after you send in Contact Form 






Saturday All-Day Workshop

Full-range voice-Strengthening, Riffing, Harmony,
Performing your favorite song, Q&A 
about professional singing.

GwenConleyWorkshop_resized.jpeg  Gwen_Conley_4_11_15_Workshop__1__resized.jpg

1.  Fill out the "Contact Form" to get a free consultation.
2.  Call (212) 321-0278 after you send in Contact Form

The Workshop offers -
* Diaphragmatic Breathing training - so essential!! 
*Vocal Evaluation of your strengths & weaknesses; 
*Range determination
Full-range voice-Strengthening
 Riffing, Expressing Feelings,
Performance Jitters,
Sight-Reading, Key Signatures,

You'll perform a song of your choice in the last hour of the workshop.
Here is an opportunity to SING one of your
favorite songs with your voice and confidence at a high level. 
You'll feel the progress you've made during the workshop while you
perform with control and ease in a "supportive" and "friendly" workshop 
                    environment.  Enjoy your progress while working to achieve it!                           



Students after strengthening their voices in the Workshop












Singers... get started now and "strengthen" your voice

with the "new" vocal-strengthening exercises below.


Click the icon below and sample all 12 vocal exercises.

Available at CD 
Click BUY THE ALBUM to listen to samples
of exercises and to purchase.








Student Testimonials


One thing is for certain with Mrs. Conley's voice training, you will learn how to sing professionally!  After only a few vocal training sessions I began to see what separates Mrs. Conley from other teachers.  Mrs. Conley has a passion for teaching, an ear for her students progress, and is very accommodating, but no nonsense!  I can tell from my lessons that they are focused to strengthen my voice in a healthy way to a point where I feel like I can sing with control, and longer in duration than I ever have.  I'm learning to Riff which is great.  If you want to learn to sing professionally, this is the right place!
Matthew Mareiniss


I took my 7-year-old daughter, Hadassah, for her first private singing lesson with Mrs. G and it was a very positive experience.  First of all, I must say that Mrs. G works great with children and did an excellent job of building a positive rapport with Hadassah.  She taught her diaphragmatic breathing and gave her some vocal exercises that she could use to strengthen her voice and keep it healthy. She even taught her how to play the first phrase of "Fur Elise" on piano.  Hadassah loved it!
Karl Thompson