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"I'll teach you to Sing from your Heart ... if that's

what you really want! ... That's a promise... !  (Of course, you'll work harder than ever before!)


Gwen Conley



I will also teach you to accompany yourself on the piano, and that's even more awesome!!! And special!  


 Fill out info on Contact Form and email it in.

See vocal-strengthening workshop and private lesson schedules below.






Students in action in 7-Hr. Vocal-Strengthening Workshop

"You can learn to RIFF & perform - believe it...!"

R&B singing lessons, Praise & Gospel singing lessons
Hip Hop, Pop, Jazz, & B'way singing lessons.
Get serious Ear-training, Vocal-strengthening (chest & head voice),
Riffing, Diaphragmatic breathing, Harmony, and things that
you'll need, in order to build a singing career - 
You'll learn to sing with "feeling" and "confidence" - no fears!
You'll even love working hard to advance your singing career... - promise! 

You'll learn notation and key signatures, basic scales & chords, and fingering
for playing basic piano scales & chords- Gwen's newly devised way!
Very important for singers and song-writers 🎼

Mrs. G, in addition to bringing all aspects of vocal training to her students, also shares 
her vast 30+ years of experience as a professional vocalist, pianist, recording artist,
TV talk/variety show host, and successful on-camera commercial actor, and jingle singer - which 
makes her one
 of the most sought after and effective "Riffing", R&B, Pop, Jazz & Gospel vocal coaches
in New York City.  

In her 6-hr. Vocal-Strengtheing Workshops students work together on vocal-strengthening exercises, 
Riffing-flexibility” exercises, harmony exercises, "and finally... they get to  perform the last hour to get
true sense of what it's like to sing with total control over your voice!  They get a true thrill of
performing without fear since they can now "sing with control of their voice" - from their hearts
with confidence!

Mrs. G will be starting a summer series of three, 

7-Hour "Performance & Coaching" 

Vocal-Strengthening Workshops 

for passionate students who want to 

move their performance career up to professional level.  

The first of the series will be held in July,

the second on a date TBD in mid August, and the 

third on a date TBD in mid September.

These workshops will focus on:


 *How to sing with the kind of "feeling" that grabs and 

holds your audience until they ask for more... encore!


*Finding and choosing effective Subtext that draws 

"you" into your performance zone - this - a must!


  *How to always give your best performance on stage 

with courage and confidence!


    *Performing at open mics and other events-with regularity 

to build your performance skills.

Fill out the Contact Form above left and email it in.

New York City, NY,  RDU Chapel Hill, NC



6-Hr. April 11th, 2015 Workshop singers building great harmony skills* 

Gwen helping Mariko to sing from her heart in the 6-Hr. Workshop

Several members of the Barcelona Gospel Choir from Barcelona, Spain

 "We learned to do fabulous 'riffs' with more feeling and vocal expression, had a great time 
 with Ms. G, and very happy to return home to share our new skills and repertoire with our
church congregation!"


March 2015, Gwen & students going full tilt in March 6-Hr. Vocal Workshop




& Performance Workshop
Saturday, June 13th,  2015
12:00 pm - 7:00 pm,
Ripley-Grier Studios
520 Eighth Avenue, Studio 16H

 Price: $225.00

Workshop includes -

12:00-1:00 pm -------------------Private Vocal Evaluation,
                                                      Diaphragmatic Breathing, 
                                                      and Range determination.

1:00 - 3:00 pm-------------------  Vocal-Strengthening 
                                                         Chest (lower) register, 
                                                     & Head (higher) register
                                                     3-Part Harmony training
                                                                     "Riffing" & Flexibility workouts 

 3:00-4:00 pm------LUNCH BREAK

4:00-5:30 pm------------------------ Warm-up and continue
                                                                vocal-strengthening, harmony,
                                                                    flexibility, and "Riffing" exercises
                                                                in preparation for performance
                                         at 6:00 pm.
Half-hour Q&A segment - ask questions, get answers about performing
 from Mrs G, a 30+ yr. veteran professional singer, who has answers!

6:00-7:00 pm---------------------- "PERFORMANCE TIME"

Each workshop participant now perform a song of their choice!
And, if they prefer, Mrs. G will give coaching tips and advice on how to  
       take their performance to an even higher level. 

Let Your Confidence & Courage rise to levels you've always wanted!
Using the guidance of a pro with 30+ yrs., "PERFORM with CONFIDENCE" in an
all day, intensive, busy, friendly and supportive vocal-strengthening
and performance workshop. 
 have fun doing it!

To join the workshop, please fill out and email in, the

(above left corner)

Also offered -


"Perform on Stage without Fear"
Prepare for open mics!

Sunday, June 14th.,  2015 -  11:00-5:00 pm 

"I Love coaching singers to sing at their highest potential!"
• Vocal Evaluation • Diaphragmatic Breathing and Posture
• Ear Training & Full-Range Vocal Strengthening  • Extensive ‘Riffing’ Training
• Harmony and Pitch Precision Exercises
• Vocal Expression and Personal Style Development
 • Performing with Confidence
•  Repertoire Development (Originals & Covers) 

For scheduling, please fill out and email in the
(above left)

Student testimonials and new releases -

Kelly Ryu, from Seoul Korea
Ms. G worked with me for a year, teaching me to sing R&B and to "Riff".
I came to her from Seoul, Korea for the purpose of learning to sing R&B music,
and to "Riff" with ease.  I now do both with ease and great confidence!!  Awesome!!!