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"I'll teach you to Sing from your Heart ... if that's

what you really want! ... That's a promise... !  (Of course, you'll work harder than ever before!)


Gwen Conley



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Students in action in 6-Hr. Workshop

"You can learn to RIFF & perform - believe it...!"

R&B singing lessons, Praise & Gospel singing lessons
Hip Hop, Pop, Jazz, & B'way singing lessons

You'll get serious Ear-training, Vocal-strengthening (chest & head voice),
Riffing, Diaphragmatic breathing, Harmony, and...
"how to sing with feeling";
You'll be taught to sing with confidence - no fears!

You'll learn notation, basic scales & chords, and fingering for playing
basic piano scales & chords- Gwen's newly devised way!

Gwen teaches music theory in a way that her students actually understand it,
and the "connection" between music theory and their careers as professional
singers and song-writers. They become more confident and professional.

Beginners, advanced singers, professional singers,
and aspiring songwriters.

Mrs. G not only brings her technical vocal training to the equation, but she also offers
her vast 28 years of experience as a professional vocalist, pianist, recording artist,
TV talk/variety show host, and successful on-camera commercial actor, and jingle singer - which 
makes her one
 of the most sought after and effective "Riffing", R&B, Pop, Jazz & Gospel vocal coaches
in New York City.  She teaches her students from her experience necessary performance skills,
 and the necessary business approach required to build a successful, happy, and financially rewarding singing
career.  She shares info on how to keep themselves and their voices healthy - diet, workout, REST,
and moving
 towards their dream career.  "She breaks things down in order for her students focus on
1 Skill Set at a time... working on it for 6-days a week, over a period of months, in order to
"master" that particular skill set.  She insists that consistent, daily practice is key.

She trained at The Ohio State University as well as private lessons at CCM.
She reminds them that they'll appreciate the benefits of their labor when they hear how "fabulous" 
they sound 
 in front of audiences...  hard work, sweat & tears = success!

In 2015 her 6-hr. vocal workshops students continue to work together on vocal-strengthening exercises, 
Riffing-flexibility” exercises, harmony exercises, "and finally, they perform the last hour to get a
true sense of what it's like to sing with total control over your voice!  They get the true thrill of what it's

like to perform without fearing the resistance of the voice - which frees them up to express
their song and sing from their hearts.

They love performing there in the warmth of the workshops where the atmosphere is very supportive,
there's a high, collective "energy", and total support and freedom of expression where her students CAN
It also makes them work harder to be prepared to present their "best" stuff before their peers.


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New York City, NY



Chapel Hill, NC


Performance & Riffing Workshops coming up!

Try something NEW that works...


Learn to Riff and Perform to build your confidence
and at the same time RE-discover your LOVE of singing!
Find out what your range is... and how to work with it.

Workshop students working & building performance & riffing skills*

Gwen helping student to sing from her heart in the 6-hr. Workshop

Several members of the Barcelona Gospel Choir from Barcelona, Spain

 "We learned to do fabulous 'riffs' with more feeling and vocal expression, had a great time 

 with Ms. G, and very happy to return home to share our new skills and repertoire with our

church congregation!"


March 6-Hr. Vocal Workshop students

Time to get Serious about   
Learning to RIFF like crazy while simultaneously  
STRENGTHENING your entire range, while building confidence and 


Saturday, April 11th,  2015
12:00 pm - 7:00 pm,
Ripley-Grier Studios
 Price: $225.00
"Buy 1 workshop get 1 FREE"  (One time offer)

6-Hr. Workshop includes -

 12:00-1:00 pm Vocal Evaluation
                Diaphragmatic Breathing
   Range determined
 1:00-2:00 pm             1 hr. Vocal-Strengthening
       lower (chest) register,
         & higher (head) register
 2:00-3:00 pm Harmony drills

     LUNCH BREAK  (3-4:00 pm)

 4:00-5:00 pm                "Riffing" Flexibility drill  

 5:00-6:00 pm                    

Q & A Time! 
Ask a pro with 28 yrs. of
professional performing.


     6:00-7:00 pm          



Let Your Confidence & Courage rise to higher levels. 
Get your voice STRONG finally, and PERFORM with CONFIDENCE in an
all day, intensive, fun, busy, friendly and supportive 6-hr. workshop.  And
have fun... doing it!

For scheduling, please fill out and email in the

(above left)
Let me teach you how to get over the fear of singing so you can share with the world just how unique, talented, and "awesome" you are.

In this workshop we'll work on building your "skill sets" (the set of skills you'll need to perform with excellence).  Her vast experience as a vocalist, pianist, recording artist, TV talk/variety show host, and successful jingle singer makes her one of the most sought after and effective R&B, Pop, Jazz & Gospel vocal coaches in New York.
She cogently takes her students from beginner-intermediate levels to professional, pushing them to practice hard with total focus to build one "sweet spot" at a time.
The atmosphere in her workshops is very supportive, lending growth and total freedom of expression where her students are eager to grow.

It also makes them work harder in their private practice sessions to be prepared to present their "best" stuff before their peers.

Let's work on your singing career goals now!

Sunday,  April 12th, 2015
11:00 am - 7:00 pm

"I Love coaching singers to reach their highest potential!"
Private Lessons includes:
• Vocal Evaluation • Diaphragmatic Breathing and Posture
• Ear Training & Full-Range Vocal Strengthening  • Extensive ‘Riffing’ Training
• Harmony and Pitch Precision Exercises

• Vocal Expression and Personal Style Development
 • Performing with Confidence
•  Repertoire Development (Originals & Covers) 
 Piano & Theory Lessons covered for all

For scheduling, please fill out and email in the


(above left)

Student testimonials and new releases -

Kelly Ryu, from Seoul Korea
Gwen worked with me, teaching me to "Riff" for a year.
I came to her from Seoul, Korea for the specific purpose of learning how to sing R&B music, and how to "Riff" with ease.  I can now "Riff" with ease and I LOVE IT!!!